сряда, 25 януари 2017 г.

We won

We lost the words
We lost the caresses
We lost the time
We lost the perspective
We lost the conscience
We lost ourselves
But we still have time to recover
The life offers us another chance
to change what we lost
with what we gained
We still have, each of us
many more beautiful things to live
My love, be happy!
I write to you a lot because I didn't say good bye
I stay with your love and your tenderness
you took care of me your way
I'll always be too close,
we wanted to be tied by force
Your blood ran through
each one of my veins
Since then, the life seems well worth the while
Together we did beautiful things
Best of which is her* & we still have many things to teach her
I won't feel like this again
What we had, was
of intensity, few can understand
And although, you won't sleep next to me
I give you my thanks, my love
because my life will always be part of you
of you
of you
of you

петък, 16 декември 2016 г.

I know what it’s like. When you lose someone who is your home, you know, your only home in the world. When that happens, you think, oh f*ck! I should’ve had a backup home. Another person, a place a thing, something to make me feel safe and I don’t have that… and now I’m lost.
Charlie Countryman

тази нощ те сънувах, за първи път от две години разговаряхме за "нас"...
събудих се, почти задушавайки се в сълзи...
дори от въображаемите ни разговори се задушавам...
никога няма да го проведем този разговор, но сърцето ми спира само при мисълта, къде бяхме преди две години...
значи съм жива....
понякога мечтите, най-искренните и желани, са тези които ни спират дъха
понякога те не се сбъдват, но болят и на сън